mene & jo is a creative digital marketing and web design consultancy, supplying businesses with all the necessary strategic tools, in order for them to achieve their goals and expand their global output.


We offer full-service strategies that cover an assortment of services for our clients, such as social media development, website conversion and search engine optimization. Our main goal is to map out your customer behavior and use this data as an axis to develop an overall strategy that will solidify your branding perception within the new age of social communication. The way to achieve this goal, is by conducting a firm marketing plan and a thorough communication strategy, exercise social media marketing and search engine marketing techniques, and educate our clients through social media business seminars.

We are a digital marketing creative agency & we bring business ideas to life

We make it matter

Mene is a graphic designer and Jo is a Digital Marketing Specialist. In other words, Mene is the artist, Jo is the art dealer! Both Mene & Jo take advantage of their multiannual experience and their rich portfolio to provide you with the marketing and graphic tools your business needs in order to be sustainable, functional, innovative and successful. How?Jo studies your business environment, creates the marketing plan and the communication strategy and blends all the information she has in combination with new innovative ideas into an irresistible story telling for your brand. Mene designs the digital environment of this story, takes care of the logotype, the corporate id, the packaging and the brochures that you might need based on your brand story telling. All in all, if you are in need of a technology-savvy partner, who is driven by business acumen and the fire inside to explore with you the potential of your company, just give us a holler. We’ll put our best foot forward… you’ll fall for us, head over heels.

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