Web developing is a specialist role, focusing on the back-end development of a website and will incorporate, among other things, the creation of highly complex search functions.

Web developer responsibilities include building our website from concept all the way to completion from the bottom up, fashioning everything from the home page to site layout and function.


E-shop is the presence of your actual shop at the digital work. Practically it’s the mirror of your business. Only from this terminology we can understand how vital it is to create and maintain a serviceable, fast, responsive and attractive e-shop. What makes an e-shop irresistible to the consumers in our contemporary society? A modern, minimalistic e-shop, with the suitable – for the products – color palette, fresh photo shooting and smart campaigns. Your e-shop needs someone who can grab the feeling of the market and offer the consumers what they need every time.


If an e-shop is the mirror of your business, then a website is the identity of your brand. The elements that make your website competitive are both technical and qualitative. Technical in terms of what are the right moves to do in order for Google to recognize and suggest your website. Qualitative because Google only boosts a website if it has quality content, which is evaluated by the users’ journey on your website. In simple words, if the users enjoy what they read and watch on your site, it will become successful. And in order to achieve that you need experts to “site map” your business.

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e-commerce consultancy

What’s the purpose of an e-commerce partner? We analyze your business, assess its potential online, define creative, functional and technical requirements, develop a strategy, write effective content and drive online sales and revenues. With the e-commerce consulting you will be able to gain knowledge on the tasks we are completing and also monitor our common progress. Through the consulting and the better understanding of your business, we will achieve a harmonic collaboration and great results. E-commerce consulting is also vital for you to manage customer crisis situations and grab opportunities.

web design

Web design is about planning, creating and coding web pages, using both technical and non-technical skills in order to produce websites that fit the customer’s requirements. We take care of the graphical aspects of your website’s pages, having in mind not only an attractive appearance but a serviceable environment. One of the most important aspect of web designing id the need to test websites at different stages of design, and on a variety of devices. The growth in touchscreen phones and tablet devices has dictated a new way of designing websites, with the web designer needing to ensure that web pages are responsive.

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