In order to tell a story, you need to capture it first. This depiction can be done with multiple ways and tools. The most important element of production is the concept and the thought before the execution.

Practically we are turning your product or service into a need using visual composers powered by our imagination and the market’s trends.


A picture tells a story in the deepest emotional level. And –as you already know – it is worth a thousand words. You may speak your inner-self and we will color the idea generated, so that it can stimulate your audience’s intuition and bind it together with your insight, in a permanent way. We will also create specific concepts to interact with your audience – in the most vivid way possible –, making your presence dynamic and exceptionally compelling.


Now, imagine being able to address your ideas through a combination of movement, text, and sound. In the digital era, videos gain 20% more attention and are considered the content vessel with the best Return on Investment (ROI). We carefully craft videos with the mindset of a constructive interaction with your audience and our scripts and storyboards, perfectly resonate with the concept of your goal-setting strategy.

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There are not few people who confuse videos with animation or think that animation is supposed to be only for kids. Whereas video takes continuous motion and breaks it up into discrete frames, animation starts with independent pictures and puts them together to form the illusion of continuous motion. This “technique” can be used for every audience because it has the capacity to: entertain, simplify, visualize data and be a vehicle for humorous writing and selling product.


In Mene & Jo we believe in the power of the script this is why – when needed – we take responsibility for the preparation and issuing of a magazine with a variety of topics and quality content. Our goal is to attract a more sophisticated audience, as well as the audience on hold – people who are at the airport, while flying, while on queues or sited waiting for something – and create interesting and inspiring stories for people to know more about you and your brand.

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