Business means investment of money and time right? The real question is: Is that all? The answer is no! This is far from all. A contemporary business needs a strong digital presence in order to be successful.

It needs allies who are going to create the story and the e-environment behind the business. Allies who understand your needs, your expectations and your agony and will map your actions and campaigns in order to achieve your goals. But what exactly Digital Marketing is all about?

social media

Social media is the star of communication. From photos to videos, the social world is more vibrant than ever. The user wants to interact with you and evaluates your communication in terms of innovation and authenticity. Which is the right social media for your business? How and how often should you communicate with your audience? What’s the trends? What are your customers’ needs? How can you reach even more people? How can you create a successful advertisement campaign?

search engine marketing

In a so competitive world, what will make you stand out? Except for the quality elements you need to pay attention, there are also technical parts which allow us to target our audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of them and correlate with the right use of keywords. We use keywords – words that the users prefer at their search journey – to increase the organic results, minimize the cost of the advertisement, reach different target groups of people and facilitate buyer’s journey.

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marketing consulting

A Digital Marketing Agency is not the boss of your online business. Its role is to propose ideas and strategies, consult the owners about the e-behavior of the buyer and provide marketing solutions for a successful e-presence. Marketing consulting is the beginning of a healthy partnership because we start to speak the same language and share a common mind in favor of your business. It also gives you the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor the progress and the growth numbers.

content writing

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of online material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. What matters the most in content marketing is the quality and the frequency, this is why from the beginning we follow a social calendar which “maps” every move. The goal is not to bomb the audience with mass information but follow a story to tell with sharp and modern content.

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communication strategy

You have the business, you have the product or the service and you decide to go online. Where do you start? From your communication strategy. A detailed plan for at least a year, taking you step by step from your current situation, the situation of your niche market, your buyers profile to your branding, communication channels and campaigns. The communication strategy plan is our “driver” to high performance, unambiguous identity, purposeful messages to the audience, quality interaction with them, and desired results.


What’s the purpose of creating a communication strategy, applying all the marketing tools you know and having quality content if you can’t measure the results and evaluate your steps? It would be pointless. This is why we have the tools to monitor the results, make changes where needed and improve constantly. We analyze the data from your website and the social interaction we get from every communication channel, in order to guarantee the best possible outcome and reach out initial goals.

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email marketing

Email marketing is an essential and one of the most effective tools for businesses since the introduction of the Internet. Few know how complicated it is to build an email marketing campaign using the right structure so that you can achieve a high open rate. The biggest advantages of email marketing are that we can track the exact ROI (Return On Investment) and that we can use segmentation strategies for even more personalized content. Email marketing is a vital component for creating a customer-firm relationship based on trust.

mobile marketing

Mobile is the king of communication in contemporary societies. Every website should be responsive and the target is everything that can be done on a desktop to be available on a mobile device. Mobile technology is all about customization and personalization, this is why we develop a unique mobile strategy based on the industry and the target audience. We create your e-environment so that it can be mobile friendly, using the right dimensions, applications, SMS providers and mobile metrics.

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intra-company custom seminars & one to one personal training

Social Media is crucial for your business, as they educate your target audience to your product or service. It is the extra door to your business and you need it wide open! MeneJo can conduct seminars within your company so that your employees and marketing department are up to date with all the social media techniques and trends. In addition, we organize tailor-made, one-to-one social media training to the employee assigned to the digital representation of your company! We go over the goals and the challenges of your company, we use actual data and statistics in each industry and we train your employees to bring your company’s culture in your social media! We can work on the communication strategy, post platforms, advertisement campaigns, and ads through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube and google my business.

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